Digging Deeper

If Destiny had a child, her name would be Purpose as she knows there’s much more to life than the mundane. But that’s not all, she’s a Dreamer too. She envisions BEYOND herself, so much so that she’ll need GOD to accompany.

Once upon a time, there was a young lady who was once tired of living. She wanted to escape the dismal as she felt defeated. That woman was me. My life lacked action and was quite mundane.

Then it happened, my soul began to stir, like a match on fire.

My desires began to burn as well as the creativity inside within me. I found my calling which was already inside of me…now burning

Then my true journey began. The journey between my dream and my destination. I’ve been in the pit and sipped wine at the Palace.

I want that for you! Get your wine lady!

I desire to help you ignite your creative path to purpose and to escape the mundane with encouragement and strategies to ease your journey from the pit to the Palace.

Can you taste your Promised Land?

Dive in with me here!