Catch Your CALLING!

Tap into your gifts, Find your Calling, & strategically Go after it!

A Piece of Me…

If Destiny had a child, her name would be Purpose as she knows there’s much more to life than the mundane. Once upon a time, there was a young lady who was once tired of living. She wanted to escape the dismal as she felt defeated. That woman was me.



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Tips Please

Fight to WIN! Fighting without strategy means defeat. Tackle circumstances while walking in your purpose with a weekly Purpose POWER Tip. DO THAT THING!


Journey to the PROMISED LAND

Ignite your path to purpose with strategies and encouragement as you journey from the pit, where nothing seems to happen to the palace, flowing with milk and honey.

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Level Up

It's time to bring your dreams into fruition. Are you ready to become a Goal Getter? Are you ready to Plan for SUCCESS?



CATCH YOUR CALLING: Unleash your inner six-year-old, FIND YOUR CALLING and Do Something about it. CATCH YOUR CALLING is a three-part NO FLUFF blueprint that will help you Tap into your Gifts, Find your Calling, Obliterate the lies, and strategically Go after it

We take the guess work out of pursuing your dreams, equipping you with knowlege to do THAT thing. You know, THAT thing you’ve always wanted to pursue.

— Jaleesa



Ignite your creative path to purpose with strategies to do THAT thing as you journey from the pit, where nothing seems to happen, to the palace, flowing with milk and honey!