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Jaleesa, The Purpose Dreamer
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I’m 30, Finally Moving out & it’s okay


Hi! I’m Jaleesa.

If Destiny had a child, her name would be Purpose as she knows there’s much more to life than the mundane. But that’s not all, she’s a Dreamer too. She envisions BEYOND herself, so much so that she’ll need GOD to accompany.

Hi! I’m Jaleesa, the Purpose Dreamer. I ignite your creative path to PURPOSE while encouraging you from the pit, where nothing seems to happen, to the Palace, your Promised Land where you are thriving.

Once upon a time, there was a young lady who was once tired of living. She wanted to escape the dismal as she felt defeated. That woman was me. My life lacked action and was quite mundane.

Then it happened, my soul began to stir, like a match on fire.



GO for growth!

the goal getter: Make your dreams reality

It's time to bring your dreams into fruition. Are you ready to become a Goal Getter? Are you ready to Plan for SUCCESS? Are you ready to take the next step to unveil and experience your masterpiece?

Become a Goal Getter and LEVEL UP. Set goals, create a plan, get results, feel Amazingly Accomplished!

Diamonds, fire, & rubies

The journey from broken to beautiful.

To the girl who refuses to allow the opinions of the irrelevant to define her who told suicide to take a back seat because SHE IS NOT DONE!

Adversity she faces, but she overcomes. She is peculiar, creating the box for other's to imitate. She journeys the road less traveled through the fires of life, extracting impurities. She is a Diamond!

The purpose playbook

When your job is not giving you LIFE, you're not doing it right! Awaken your purpose and do LIFE RIGHT!

Stop slamming the snooze button and ignite your passion. Start Living Today.

Your current job should not be the vain of your existence.

Stay in the Know



take the challenge

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Oh so you like all of the things and don’t know what to pursue. Take this challenge to uncover your passion and take the steps to attack it!


Purpose POWER Tip

Fight to WIN! Fighting without strategy means defeat. Tackle circumstances while walking in your purpose with a weekly Purpose POWER Tip.