3 Things You Need to Build Your Dream

Dream building, life building is an athletic event. - Will Smith

Everyone is trying to catch their dream of some sort. However, everyone is not ready! There are 3 key factors you need to know to make dream catching easier.

1. VISION. What is your vision? Without a vision, having a plan is impossible. Why, because you have to see where you are going in order to get there. Think about it like this, a building can't exist unless it's already been seen and designed by an architect. Once the architect designs the building on paper, a 3D model is made. Then the architect’s vision, is built and a beautiful masterpiece created.

In short, vision is the bigger picture of THAT Thing you want to do with your life, like your passion project or your dreams.

2.MISSION. What’s your Mission? You need to develop a mission statement for your passion. The mission is the HOW. How are you going to bring your vision or parts into fruition? What steps are you going to take? The mission is part of the nitty gritty or the nuts and bolts of a plan.

3. PURPOSE. You purpose is your WHY. WHY are you chasing your dream? Who will your dream benefit? Why is it important? When you answer such questions, it reminds you WHY you started. The journey from here to there will get challenging and you may want to quit. Instead of quitting, take a reset and remember your WHY, your PURPOSE.

As you build your dream, remember why you started, remember WHO placed the desire in you, and remember to give it your all. When things don’t work out the first time, reflecting on your vision, mission, and purpose helps. If you would like, grab this sheet to record your vision, mission, and purpose.

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