Stupid is as Stupid Does- Who Are You Listening To?

You become what you behold.

Have you heard the saying if you are the smartest one in the room, you need a knew room? Why do you think that is tho? You need to grow. You need to stretch. You need to fly. Sometimes your environment can act as a momma eagle, throwing her babies from the nest so they can FLY.

If you are too comfortable in your environment, then consider yourself THROWN…by me! Eagles aren’t majestic in the nest, they show their majesty in the sky.

You, my friend are an eagle. You show your magnificence in the sky when you jump with faith and do what you’re called to do.

That jump is scary, I know. The fear of the unknown. The fear of the what-ifs. I’m actually there now.

I am being pushed from my nest, in this case my job. I’ve seen this coming. I knew this day would be here, but you’re never ‘ready’ for it.

See, I’ve been sticking my big toe in the water constantly checking the temperature. In this season that I’m in now, I feel that it’s now or wait 40 years like the Israelites in the desert. I’ll take total submergence for 100 please!

I’m diving in! I’m surrounding myself with people in positions that I wish to achieve. How sway?! This can be done two ways.

  1. Ask the person to be your mentor. This may or may not be feasible.

  2. Read. Listen. Devour. The person whose business or skill you would like to take and make your own. Read their books, listen to their podcast, join their groups, attend their conferences.

When you do this, you grow. You are becoming more skilled in your desired area. You will become more like the books you read. Your perspective will begin to shift. So, when reading or picking a mentor. Pick wisely.

Think about it this way, how do you grow your faith. By hearing, listening, taking in the word of God consistently. The word goes in and faith comes out, you’re growing in the knowledge of God and faith.

Let’s say you are studying marketing continually, you are growing in it’s knowledge. Whatever you study in you grow in, no matter the pace.

You become what you behold. So, tell me, who are you becoming?

Jaleesa CoxComment