What's Holding You Back?

Start here. Where’s here? It’s wherever you are.


What’s holding you back from pursuing your dreams? It’s not what you think. It’s not money or time. Yes, money certainly can make things easier in some cases, however it’s not the deciding factor in pursuing your dreams. If you’re thinking time….nope, that’s not it either! You make time for what you really want. You will subtract things from your schedule/to-do list only to add those you really want to do! I’m guilty too!

Soooo, what’s holding you back??? If you haven’t guessed it, it’s you! OUCH!

Yes, it’s you! Sorry to be a little blunt but you are holding you back, not money or time or resources. Yes, money helps and added resources are a bonus. Those things will come but they have to have somewhere to go. Money and resources need a destination.

You already have what you need to start that business, the podcast, the YouTube Channel, write the book, and so much more? What are you waiting on…perfection?

If that’s what you’re waiting on, you’ll wait forever and a day!

I want to leave you with a treat. Take a listen to The Purpose Dreamer’s Podcast Episode 4: Don’t Wait for Perfect. Enjoy!

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