How to Overcome the Fear of Flying

Today I was scared.

I’m rarely ever scared, even when trying new things. I’m usually anxious, but never scared!

Today was the contrary. As I am driven to the airport to go to Chicago to embark on the beginning of a new chapter that is opening in my life. I was TERRIFIED. Alligator tears streamed my face like the Niagara Falls.

I knew the moment I got on that plane, things were going to change…and they did.

This assignment was chosen for me, by my Heavenly Father, why me, I don’t know! So I was definitely going to do it, albeit while shaking in my boots, but it’s getting done. As I approach the TSA check-in, I make a detour to the bathroom and I ball my eyes out and my mom who’s with me, does what she does. She prayed. It worked.

As I head to check in, each step gets easier. It gets lighter. I begin to feel like I’m floating. As the plane took off, a settled finished feeling consumed me.

Guess what God was with me every step of the way. He showed me his hand with his favor and I am forever grateful.

When you journey to your purpose, you WILL step out side your comfort zone and in some cases, THROWN out like myself. Nothing changes if you stay in the regular. If you always add vanilla creamer to your coffee, you’re always going to taste vanilla until YOU CHANGE the flavor.

Change the flavor of your life and change the outcome. Place one foot in front of the other, LOOK AHEAD, and GO! Continue to stay encouraged here with real-life scenarios and strategies as you journey from the pit to the palace. Get your POWER Mail today.

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