QUEEN Things: Resting in God's Timing

Have you ever been minding your business, then it happened? Someone tries to rain on your parade, usually not intentionally…but we all know people can be shady.

“You’re not married yet!”

“No man in your life.”

You’re not getting any younger.”

“You’re still writing. Some things you need to give up.”

These are just a few things that have been said to me. Have you ever experienced this, let me know in the comments. You’re minding your business and someone decides to drop in yours! In most cases, people don’t mean any harm, but dang. Like, I know I’m 30, pursing my dreams, with no kids, and no man…yet!

See, there are some things that I just know and you should too. God’s timing is perfect. What you think you are ready for you’re in preparation for. It’s not meant for me to be married with kids right now. It’s meant for me to become BOSS in my singleness, which is LIFE right now!

Now, you’re probably thinking if you’re under a rock, how can you meet your husband. Know this, I am NOT under a rock and when it’s time, HE WILL FIND ME! While I wait, I’m going to continue walking IN purpose ON purpose as I work, travel, attend church, have me time, and have friend time. If he and I are meant to be, he will find me.

Not only should we rest in God’s timing with relationships but also while walking in purpose. We are all called to do different things, whether it’s to write, teach, serve, encourage, or be a cashier. We all have different gifts each serving a different purpose. My purpose story continues here in Diamonds, Fire & Rubies.

Have you realized that at times, other people seem to be thriving in their gift, while you are still waiting for yours to sprout. Be careful to not compare your gift with someone else’s. Even if you both began at the same time your seed is different and serves a different purpose. Your time is coming! Remember, God’s timing is perfect. Your gift will blossom. Each day, brings you a step closer.

Rest Queen.

Jaleesa CoxComment