When Life Hands You Rotten Tomatoes

I’ve bet you’ve heard the phrase “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Well, what about when life gives you tomatoes…rotten tomatoes.

These tomatoes smell and have all that fuzzy stuff, like what the yuck!

Rotten Tomatoes.jpg

What do you do?

  1. Separate the rotten from the good. Have you noticed if there’s one rotten piece of fruit, it corrupts the good fruit? Mold spreads like a fungus, because it is one! If you don’t want any other fruit to rot, what are you going to do? You are going to remove the corrupt, rotten fruit and throw it away.


Think about it this way, are there people in your life that you are better off without. I know that may sound a bit harsh. But the truth is, everyone is not here for you or your dreams. If the company you keep speaks negatively about your dream or you’re the only one trying to level up, then you need some new company. Why, because negativity spreads so does complacency. If you hear negativity enough, you may begin to believe it and that’s dangerous. You need an upgrade. If you stay around the same, you will be the same. A seed stays in the familiar soil until it sprouts.


2. Replant. Strip away the rotten part of the fruit until you get to the seed. The seed is still good. Replant the seed, nurture it, water it. However, don’t repeat the same mistakes that led to the fruit rotting in the first place. Don’t allow in negativity even if negativity is a person. Choose a different path, a different strategy. Change. When you change, watch what happens. Beautiful, bountiful fruit, harvest!

Know this, all things begin as seeds, from trees, humans, to dreams. It begins as a seed. How you treat your seed matters. How are you going to treat your seed?

Jaleesa CoxComment