When Pit Happens

Oh my mercy, we have all certainly been there! One minute, you’re on top of the world, pursuing your dreams, walking that walk and talking it too! Then, pit happens.

Suddenly, you take a pit stop, not the kind where you gas up your vehicle to keep going. I’m talking about an actual PIT STOP! You are at a legitimate stand still. You stop, don’t pass go, no $200 collected here! How does this look, well if you are a business or blog, that means no sales, no traction, no subscribers. It’s as if your field is dry like you vacation in the desert. I’ll tell the Sahara hello for you!

When pit happens, stay in expectancy. Wait. When you wait, you are actively on the look out for better. New opportunity, new direction. While you wait, gather your strength as what lies ahead is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s your harvest. #helloharvest

When you harvest, you WORK! Think about it, if you plant apples, you reap apples. However, in order to make an apple pie, you need to harvest or gather the apples to do so. The apples aren’t going to gather themselves. In order to gather the apples you have to WORK. You have to get your bucket, ladder, and walk to the field climb the ladder to pick your fruit.

What I am trying to say is, in your PIT STOP season. Rest. Wait in expectation as greater is near. Remember, when you wait, you are actively on the look out for what’s yours. Keep looking. Keep waiting. Be ready to receive it.

Jaleesa CoxComment