Letting Go of the Masqerade

Broken records don’t get played, is what God said to me one day. I had to dig, deep inside myself, to let go of old pain and disappointment as it’s not good for my health.

I say this to say, that no matter what you choose to do, no matter what you’re purposed, if you are broken from within you can not work it. No amount of makeup can hide the pain in your heart. No adornment (jewelry) can make you love yourself. If you lack confidence, how can you teach someone to be confident. If you lack self-discipline, how can you teach someone to be disciplined? If you are broken, you can’t help anyone. As the saying goes, 'hurt people, hurt people'. Allow God to help you and drop the masquerade, relinquish all your cares and concerns to the Ancient of Days. He already knows, but you have to acknowledge it. The longer you hold denial, the longer it will take you to reach freedom. Trust me, I know. I have never felt more free in myself as a woman and in my purpose. One day I was asking God what is the hold up that's when he said

Broken records don't get played.

As I now know, I can now tell you to allow yourself to be free. Have a heart to heart with God and throw your cares at him. If you need something more tangible, place your cares or problems in a care bucket ( I did this too). Here’s your care bucket recipe, get a trash can and put your cares in them. For me, this was/is symbolic of saying ok, I can't do this without you so here you go! If your cares are bills, love, debt, heartbreak, anxiety, throw ‘em in! I bet you’re wondering how do you throw anxiety away, you write it down. Place the word on an index card along with what you are anxious about and throw it away. Once you throw your problems away, LEAVE IT THERE! Don't pick it back up and wear it!

Whatever is broken, allow God to fix, but make sure you do your part too! How? One way is to speak positively. Use positive affirmations. Positive affirmations involve 'I am' statements that are of course positive, they are in the present tense and include an include action.

Positive Affirmation Tips:

  • Keep your affirmations brief. ( I have the mind of Christ.)

  • Stay POSITIVE ( I am beautiful.)

  • Say what you want to see in your life in present tense. ( I am fulfilling my life's assignment down to the last detail.)

  • Speak what you wish to become. ( I am bold. I command the room upon my presence.)

When you say what you want to see, you will actually start seeing it! Your words hold power, use it! Remember, if you don't fix what's within, you can't elevate. You can only get so far. Just like a spare tire. You can drive it, but only so far until it becomes futile. Fix the core issue. Again, broken records don't get played.


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