I've Got This Dream...Now What?!

Hello Dreamer! Many have reached out to me expressing that you have a dream, a desire to fulfill, so what now? So Imma tell you!!

If you have a dream that means you have vision, you have foresight. You have a idea about where you're headed! Now, you just have to get there. One way to get there is to set goals. Not just any goals, clear goals that work for you.

When you set #goals it is important to keep it Simple and Specific! When I say keep it simple, I mean don't try to overload or overcrowd yourself with goals and don't overcrowd your goal either! This may result in failure and in return discouragement. For example, if you are going to buy a house. You decide to make the goal of paying off two credit cards and the balance of two loans in one month. This sounds good, but is it reasonable? Is it smart? Are you setting yourself up for failure followed by discouragement? Relinquishing debt is great, but the goal could be a bit more simple and specific. Please don't overburden yourself, you are only human!

Here's where simple meets specific.

Goal: I am paying off the credit card with the lowest balance in one month by breaking the payment in half. (Make sure your goal is reasonable for your wallet! If it literally takes everything you have, then it's not reasonable. Does it make sense?)

Once you write your simple an specific goals. It's time to put action behind it. Every goal requires action unless it's just a dream. (Want a smart Smart Steps Recipe, reply Smart Steps here)

Now what? Believe that you can because of the God who is in you. He is the Good Shepherd who leads you down the right paths, bringing you through tough times to help you to arrive at your promised land.

Dreamer, you've got this. Ready, set, goal!

Jaleesa CoxComment