Growth in Grace & Mess

Human moments drifting in the sand as my feet approach the promised land. Sandstorms surround me trying to overcome me, invading my space, decreasing my visibility but my feet carry on. My feet remain at a steady pace forward even though I cannot see...I am led from within. #growth

Have you ever felt that you are traveling, pursuing your purpose and then all Hell breaks loose? It's like an erupting volcano, it resembles growth. When a volcano erupts, it's hot and messy, yet it also CREATES! In short, volcanoes erupt due to pressure thus causing the magma to rise and release (erupt). I like to link the pressure to the building up of ambition. The pressure (ambition) to create, to develop, the pressure for more. Have you ever felt the need for more, well guess what, that's growth calling. Think about a hermit crab. A hermit crab's home is it's shell and as the crab grows, it becomes uncomfortable. When the hermit crab reaches that point, it searches for a new home. You too, can out grow your surroundings. Your surroundings include your people and places. For instance friends and environment (work/school). Yes, you can outgrow people as some people are only in your life for a season. Don't allow seasonal relationships (friendships) to halt your growth. What once was comfortable and cozy is now suffocating and somewhat frustrating. Why frustrating? Well nothing seems to work. What used to work is void because you are no longer who you once were. You grew!

Life rocks you because it's cultivating and molding you into what you are purposed. Growth, essentially is messy. It hurts. It's uncomfortable. Mistakes are made through the growth process and are learned from (hopefully). You are now in a better place... a better person. A better teacher, mom, student, you're simply better, the best version of yourself for that time. Grow in grace, don't fight it. Allow yourself to become better unless you desire to remain stagnant.

When you Grow you can:

- TEACH others from your experience. Again, growth can be messy and vulnerable. However, in your mess there is a MESSAGE, sound familiar?! AKA testimony. I wonder what areas have you displayed growth?

-CREATE solutions. Chances are you've faced a growing pain that others faced. Guess what, you can give solutions to other's problems who are facing the same thing that you did.

-INSPIRE. Let others know they are not alone. Provide encouragement letting others know that the discomfort is only for a season. Let's take winter for instance, plant life looks scarce however, when the spring comes life is rejuvenated. Discomfort is temporary.

When life becomes uncomfortable ( and it will) remember that you are being cultivated and molded to become a better version of yourself. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but growth occurs outside of the comfort zone!

Are you leaving your comfort zone today?!

Grow in Grace,


Jaleesa Cox