5 Ways to be a NON-QUITTER!

If at first you don't succeed, keep going until you get it right. You will reach the other side!

There are many things that you may try to conquer in life, one being your goals that put you in pursuit to your purpose. As the new year approaches, goals are among us! Allow me to help you live the non-quitter type of life. Here are 5 ways to become a non-quitter.

1. Be content. I know that sounds like the complete opposite of being a non-quitter. It sounds like you're more stuck than satisfied. Well, that's not really the case. Contentment is necessary. Contentment signifies that you accept the portion that God has given you. You should be content for two reasons. One, it shows that you are thankful with what you have and two, God is not content! He always wants to take you deeper. He wants to grow and stretch you. That could mean new territory that completely requires you to trust in HIM. Be content because God is not.

2.Give thanks, even in the little things. This resembles the previous. If things seem to not be happening for you, whatever those things may be, be thankful. A grateful heart releases blessings.

3. Remember Jesus. He is the top non-quitter! He persevered from tragedy to triumph. Jesus could have called down legions of angels on his behalf while on the cross, be he didn't. Why? Because he thought of you and me. He was content with his portion because he knew better was coming. I want you to remember that BETTER is on the way. Persist through the pain and the obstacles, remember sunshine is sure to come after the rain!

4. Have Vision. Vision gives you direction. It shows you where to go. Your purpose on the other hand, is your why, your reason for your actions. When you see what's coming, it gives you more reason to stand, to wait it out. See the end from the beginning. Yes, it will get difficult because there comes a point when you have to wait. You have to wait for things to come into fruition. During that time, don't quit, remember your vision. Remember why you started.

5. Have Faith. Believe that it will happen, whatever you're striving for. Stand on God's word that what he started, he is able and faithful to fulfill it!

Remember, don't stop, never quit it! You have this, just add some perseverance!


Jaleesa CoxComment