2 Signs It's Time to Move On

Day in day out, you do the same, wondering if it will ever change. Guess what, it will! Chances are you are ready to move on and don't technically know it yet. Well I'm here to give you 2 signs that signify you are ready to elevate.

1. DISGUST. When you arise each morning thankful for life and breath, you are no longer excited and thrilled about going to your current job or destination. This no longer brings you the joy that it once did, you've lost interest.While there, you are going through the motions. Disgust is more than a bad day or a bad week. It's constant. While in it you feel like there is so much more calling. If you are experiencing disgust, you may experiencing a shift.  Your season maybe shifting and you need to shift with it.

How to handle disgust: spend time in prayer/meditation and see where it is that God is leading you. Trust him and walk through it.

      2. KEEP DREAMING. God is the giver of every good gift, even the dreams and desires He has placed in your heart. God shows us a glimpse of what will be if we are obedient to him. This glimpse is the fire to get you started and keep you going. If you are at your current job/destination and you continue to wonder the what if...

What if I pursue my dream?What if I invest in myself?What if it doesn't work?What if it's a complete success?

You will never now unless you try. Now, I'm not saying quit your current and dive in. I'm saying get started even if it's in the smallest of ways. Begin. Take baby steps, everyone starts somewhere.Who knows, you could be the next person who goes from basement to billionaire!

How to handle dreaming: start small. Don't quit your current. After your 9-5 start on your dream, that's your 5-9!

You got this and God's got you,


Jaleesa CoxComment